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    After thirty years¡¯ development, JIANGSU HELIE FISHERY INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE Co. (GROUP)., LTD, which was founded in the year of 1976, has formed a diversified industry landscape which covers the field of hotel investment, catering industry, real estate development, commercial circulation, and fish breeding. With wide range of business operation, more than one billion of fixed assets and nearly one thousand employees, the company has become one of the influential enterprises in Jiangsu province.

    The business activities engaged by this group fall within the following fields:

    A. Hotel and catering industry
        The group owned hotels and restaurants are classified as following:
        WUXI JIN JIANG GRAND HOTEL£¨Four Star / Five Star rebuilding£©
        WUXI ROAST DUCK HOUSE (rebuilding)

    B. Commercial development
        1. Domestic development: The subordinate commerce and trading companies of this group include WUXI FISHERY INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE MATERIALS TRADING CO.,LTD and WUXI ROAST DUCK HOUSE Co.,Ltd etc.

        2. Overseas development: The group is one of China¡¯s first and largest private enterprises invested overseas and obtained good business operation achievements. The group began to invest in Australia since 1989 and has yielded good results in various fields such as hotel, commerce and trading, tenement, entertainment and property management etc. through years of efforts, which has built the group as a good example of China¡¯s private enterprise that has achieved success in overseas investments.

        3. Establish strategic partnership with international famous brand: Through collaboration with world famous corporation Carlson Company, the group has obtained exclusive business management rights of its subsidiary company ---T.G.I.Friday¡¯s in the area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, established JUNCHEN FRIDAYS HOSPITALITY PTY. LTD; and plan to open more than two hundreds of FRIDAY¡¯S Restaurants in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. CARLSON CATERING GROUP¡¯s parent company is one of America¡¯s largest private holding companies as well as global leading enterprise in the fields of marketing sales service, tourism and hotel service. Other brands and services which were established by Carlson¡¯s subordinates include Regent and Radisson super five star chain hotel, Park Inn and Country Inn hotel, Carlson hotel, and Seven Sea Cruise etc.

        4. Fish breeding industry: The group simultaneously developed fish breeding industry, solely introduced the technologies of breeding and cultivating for various new species of foreign fish and endeavor to develop modern environmental friendly agricultural products.


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