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Brief Introduction of Industrialized Pure Water Circulation

      Rapidly developing economy and quickened urbanization have turned the lakes and rivers and farm lands into high buildings, which cause the continuous decreasing of farmland area and worsening water quality for fish breeding. How to fully utilize the limited water resource and provide the civilians with pollution free-fish? This has aroused the GROUP people¡¯s concern for a long time.

      Through continuous efforts, JIANGSU HELIE FISHERY INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE Co. (GROUP)., LTD, the leading enterprise of Jiangsu agriculture industry has developed a new technology of industrialized pure water circulation for fish breeding.

      The creation of industrialized pure water fish breeding system has rejuvenated the GROUP and started a new page for aquiculture industry.

¡¡     Introduction of Equipment

      This system is composed of 6m3 green main boxes(see diagram). Each seven pieces of boxes constitutes a complete set. This fish breeding equipment has following advantages:

      1. Less water and space consumption and energy saving
      This system of units only consumes a small area of land. Nearly all of the water discharged from green main box can be recycled, and return back to aquarium after deposit, filter and sanitization.

      2. Free from pollution, fully closed and environmental friendly.
      This close-type pure water circulation-fish breeding equipment will not cause pollution to environment. With less water consumption, it generates an environmental friendly type of fish breeding.

      3. High yield, automation and high efficiency
      This system, with fully automatic operation system, can run continuously through the whole year. The acre yield of this system will be at least hundreds of times of that of traditional breeding. Currently it has been recognized as a high technology fish breeding equipment with the strongest integrity, most advanced level of automation, and highest nominal acre yield.
      4. Environmental friendly product, far from pollution and good for people¡¯s health.
      With little adverse effect from ambient environment, no external and internal environmental pollution, the commercial fish yielded from this system has been tested by the authorized sanitation and antiepidemic station as zero pollution, which will make the consumers care free when eating the fish.

      5. Applicable for various species of aquatic products
      This system is applicable for the breeding of various species of aquatic products. After the first batch of Australia Barramundi has been cultivated, the group will successively promote high quality aquatic species such as high density breeding-green hata and San Diao.

¡¡     Introduction of Australia Barramundi

      Australian rare fish species¡ªBarramundi has been cultivated from the first trial-breeding phase. It only takes one year to raise the fry of 0.5mm to above 700 gram, which is edible and can be sold in the market. The Australia Barramundi is nutritious with 18 kinds of aminophenol and furthermore, it tastes delicate and delicious, and is a first class nice taste-seafood treasure called by the diners as ¡°terrific cuisine in the banquet¡±.

      Since the Australia Barramundi has been launched in WUXI JING JIANG GRAND HOTEL, WUXI HAI YUE XING KONG GRAND HOTEL, WUXI JU FENG YUAN HOTEL, INERNATIONAL HOTEL and FRIDAYS HOSPITALITY PTY. LTD, it has received many complimentary reviews from customers and merchants. The cuisines recommended as follows are particularly popular among the customers.
¡¡     Recommendation of Cuisines
 Steam Barramundi with light tastes and delicate meat fim Soup Barramundi with thick soup and delicious meat, which beautify and nourishing the face. Specially roasted Barramundi with crispy and heavy tastes
Crispy fried fish fillet: Fry the fresh fish fillet to inaurate and then add chips and tartar sauce Carbon fried Barramundi with good looking , which keeps the tincture of Barramundi from deep sea.


Quoted from Huang Weiyuan, the Executive Chef of JIN JIANG GRAND HOTEL:

      Australia Barramundi¡¯s meat is thick, white and delicate. It tastes delicious and is free from small fish bone. It can be cooked in various ways such as steam, carbon roast, fry, infuse with boiling water, and as cold dish etc.


Quoted from Zhang Jian, the Executive Chef of T.G.I.Friday¡¯s:
      Australia Barramundi is a well-known high-class fish. The fish has enjoyed a high popularity among Chinese and foreign customers since it was launched in T.G.I.Friday¡¯s. The crispy fish fillet flavored with chips is a traditional Australia cousin which has been particularly popular in its native land now has become a good hit in Chinese territory, which is out of our expectation. We are quite confident about the promotion and popularization of this cousin in China.

¡¡     Conclusion

      The technology of Ecotype High-density Factory Pure Water Circulation for Fish Breeding is a comprehensive new aquiculture technique which integrates biotechnology, information technology and modern breeding technology and therefore it is the most concentrated representative of fishery high technology and is the tendency of aquiculture industry.

      All of the national important economic center-cities, national important tourist cities, and opening to the outside- cities have taken prevention of water pollution and comprehensive improvement of water environment as a top priority. However, our traditional aquatics industry has faced a series of outstanding problems besides that of high costing and high labor intensity. First, the traditional aquiculture industry occupies a large area of farm land and lakes, which has posed a challenge to the stability and continuous improvement of our national per capita share of aquatic products. Second, the day-by-day decreasing of water resource has made the fish breeding water become restricted, which affect the further expansion of aquaculture area and scale. Third, fish breeding environment and water pollution has aroused day-by-day increasing attention to the safety of edible fish, while many organics generated from the process of fish breeding has caused severe pollution to the nearby water substance, which has formed a vicious circle for water cycling. How can we resolve the dilemma of aquiculture industry? The professional experts stated out that factory fish breeding is an ideal option to solve above problem. This system conforms to the national policy on environmental protection and energy conservation and at the same time has become the civilians¡¯ shopping baskets for pollution free-fishes.

¡¡     Credit of the Group

¡¡     Media Attention

      The Australia Barramundi which have been raised by green box industrialized technology has aroused wide attention from social cycles since it began to launch in the market. Many news medias such as JIANGSU TELEVISION STATION, WUXI TELEVISION STATION, JIANGNAN EVENING PAPER, EAST CHINA TOURISM PAPER, WUXI COMMERCE PAPER, and NEW BING HU PAPER etc. have made heavyweight Topics in-depth Reports on this event.

      JIANGSU HELIE FISHERY INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE CO. (GROUP)., LTD, which has built the new record with mu yield of 1000 kilogram of commerce fish in China innovates the fish breeding technology once more through achieving success in pioneering the factory pure water circulation system for fish breeding.

      ¡®Conservative Calculation¡¯ shows current breeding process will bring mu yield of 300 thousand of kilograms of marketing fish, which will be 300 times of that of the existing domestic highest record.

      ¡®The fact that oxygen packaged live fish swims to paper box indicates Wuxi fishery has entered into a fully new stage identified with high and new technology and edible healthy fish for civilians.¡¯


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